Valuable Gold Bars and Lucrative Silver Bullion

Precious metals are an investment as old as recorded history, and Houston Numismatic Exchange in Houston, Texas, helps those in the market to invest in gold bars and silver bullion. Whether you are buying or selling gold, silver, or platinum coins, we give you an accurate quote with the assurance of our low prices.

Traditional Investment
When you are looking to invest in silver bullion or gold, we carry major branded 1-ounce, 10-ounce, and 100-ounce bars for you to choose from. These bars are sourced from across the globe and you can buy them in any quantity. Please call us for quotes when you are ready to sell or buy bullion.

Selected Silver
We carry a broad assortment of U.S. Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Mexican Libertads with stunning designs. Our stock also includes 90% “junk” silver for a variety of uses.

Contact us for the equity you are entitled to when selling or buying gold bars and silver bullion.